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Our Schemes

Network Engineers are the specialists that go out in our Virgin Media O2 vans and look after our network. They work on the latest technology advancements to install and repair our services in business customer sites as well as look after the process from the street side cabinets or poles all the way back to our technical sites.  This team plays a key part in supporting seamless connectivity, for all those late-night gaming sessions, streaming films with the family, and connecting 45 million mobile connections across the nation.


Build skills for the future
Working in the Field Engineering & Operations division, you’ll work on street cabinets, poles and in network sites, fixing and maintaining our services to ensure smooth delivery to our business and residential customers. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow within our engineering community.  


This isn’t your typical field work. You’ll be playing a bigger part in communities, just as we did during the pandemic by connecting the UK’s NHS Nightingale Hospitals, helping to save thousands of lives. You’ll help us drive sustainability objectives through reducing our carbon footprint by using electric vehicles and switching to greener power sources and technology. Be responsible for keeping neighborhoods, businesses and the emergency services connected and play a meaningful part.

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Our Technical Site Engineering Delivery team are responsible for over 500 technical sites across the UK. They’re the people who make sure that the critical Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services at our technical sites are able to support the network equipment that allows our network to deliver our services to customers. Join us as a Project Manager Apprentice and join them in powering our network, working across high value projects, and earning £25,000 whilst doing it!

Build skills for the future

As an Apprentice, you’ll be working within the Association of Project Managers framework, getting involved in stages throughout from initiation and scoping projects, to running programmes and coordinating meetings with relevant partners. Day-to-day, you would be visiting technical sites, arranging pre-project start meetings, and running project handover meetings. Other exciting things you could work on include:

* End-to-end coordination of our trackers to ensure they’re up to date and reliable

* Leading on the delivery of small projects to ensure the required quality, timelines, costs and needs are me

* Scheduling resources needed to complete project activities and ensuring resources are available on time

What we look for 

We’re looking for confident individuals with health and safety awareness, it’s important you’re aware of yours, and others, safety. We want to see strong team working skills, as well as the ability to communicate well in person and online. You must have at least 5 GCSEs at level 4-9, and a full UK driving licence with less then 8 points. Other skills we’re interested in include:

* Technical mindset

* Computer literate, especially Excel

* Reliable and responsible

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Quantity Surveyors are the problem solvers of Virgin Media O2. Each day, they hunt down problems within the business and resolve them, whether that’s saving money through initiatives, dealing with contractors or working on important reports. 


Build skills for the future 

On this apprenticeship, you’ll own responsibilities that make a real difference to our business. You will need to communicate with the Commercial team, and teams across our business, to complete your tasks. This could include: 

- Reviewing cost estimates and plans to ensure that projects are not being under/over paid 

- Agreeing allowance of the Compensation Events with our Build Partners 

- Managing budget and spend profiles to identify ways to make the most out of our money 

- Updating schedule cost data sets to ensure they’re consistent, accurate and aligned 

- Analysing the impact on costs of Change Requests 

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Our Field Engineers are the people who dazzle our customers every day, by installing or fixing products in their homes and offering them advice. They also provide services to small business customers including shops, offices and homeworkers. As an apprentice, you’ll join our Consumer Field Operations team and help us deliver services to keep the nation connected.  


Build skills for the future 
As a Field Engineer Apprentice, you will connect our customers with the wider world all from the comfort of their own homes. Learn everything you need to know about installing and repairing our phone, TV and broadband products. Day-to-day, you could be:
- Running cables from the street to customer houses
- Measuring and adjusting signal levels to make sure our customers have the best service possible
- Installing and replacing new equipment and cables
- Configuring innovative equipment to allow customers to use our services
- Giving customers the lowdown on how their services work


You will also help grow our business by inspiring customers, through your great service, to recommend Virgin Media O2 to their friends and family members (we’ll pay you a £50 bonus payment for every new customer that gets referred!).  


Thanks to our exciting four-day-week shift pattern, you’ll get approximately 20 extra days off a year compared to the average full-time job. You’ll also work around two out of every three Saturdays, with all shift schedules being agreed months in advance.

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We’re embarking on an innovative network infrastructure investment to deliver ultrafast broadband and services. Our Fibre Upgrade programme team are responsible for making this a reality. Join us as a Business Administration Apprentice to support our Fibre Upgrade programme, and the wider Fixed Access Engineering team, and earn £27,000 whilst doing it!

Build skills for the future

As an Apprentice, you’ll join an evolving team of Planners and Senior Project Officers, connecting with teams across the business to support multiple areas. From the beginning, you’ll be involved in supporting the planning and scheduling of project plans and supporting the governance and compliance requirements across projects. A large part of your days will be taken up with getting in touch with colleagues and coordinating with the wider teams to drive outcomes. Other exciting things you could be working on include:

* Supporting with internal workplace communication posts and engagement activities
* Assisting with the preparation of high quality PowerPoint presentations, reports and other project materials
* Maintain project documentation libraries, trackers and system access requests.
* Tracking and managing actions & minutes in relevant meetings

What we look for

It is important you can connect with a variety of people, so we’re looking for confident individuals. You'll be getting involved in a wide range of tasks from day one, so we want to see proactive and inquisitive individuals looking to get stuck in. You must have some GCSE’s including Maths & English at grade 4-9. Other qualities we’re interested in include:

* Analytical skills
* Strong Excel & PowerPoint skills
* Organisation and time management skills

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Our Cyber Security teams are the ones responsible for fighting cyber attacks, dissecting digital threats and building our business defences. Join us as a Cyber Security Apprentice and you can join them in creating a safer online space, rotate between action packed teams and earn £30,000 whilst doing it!

Build skills for the future 
As an Apprentice, you’ll get involved in real-world scenarios, take challenges head-on and learn everything there is to know about how we keep our business safe from cyber threats. Day-to-day, you could be investigating security incidents, participating in security training, or completing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to identify and resolve security weaknesses. Other exciting things you could be working on include:
*Working in our Threat Intelligence team to understand different threats and what they can do
*Experiencing our Security Operations team to learn where threats come from and how we respond to them
*Discovering new and innovative ways to protect the cloud environment alongside our Cyber Engineering team
*Translating different risks into business language with our Cyber Risk team
*Completing physical risk assessments to identify how our sites may be at threat, such as lack of security cameras, open windows, etc…

What we look for 
We look for real passion and interest in Cyber Security, with the motivation to develop your career. We want to see strong team working skills, as well as the ability to work well independently. You must have at least 5 GCSEs, including English and Maths, at level 4-9. Other qualities we’re interested in include:
*Problem solving skills
*Strong communication & relationship building skills
*Basic analytical skills

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Join our Network, Strategy and Engineering team as an apprentice and get stuck in with a true problem-solving role. You’ll be exposed to a wide range of projects, all making changes to our live network to increase efficiency. By the end of the programme, you’ll have all the skills vital to roll off as qualified Network Project Delivery Manager!


Build skills for the future  
Our Major Programmes teams are responsible for delivering projects, such as implementing the next-generation capabilities of open radio network access or even replacing the entire corporate network for our business. This role is all about connecting people, you’ll learn all about the technology that allows us to do that virtually, working with technical and non-technical team members. We use the RAID Project Management technique- risk, assumption, issues, and dependencies – to deliver projects on time and within budget. You’ll get to learn and understand this technique in-depth while handling the RAID register for other team members. Day-to-day, you could be:  
- Working collaboratively with Project Manager partners to deliver multiple projects across areas of Major Programmes
- Identifying risks and issues that may affect projects and recording these on the Risk & Issue report
- Reporting and governing all works in progress for management
- Maintaining progress trackers across projects to provide successful project management and reporting

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Product Managers are the people who make sure we’re offering the products and services consumers really want. As an apprentice, you will work alongside professionals in our Consumer division, gaining exposure to product strategy, delivery, and more.


Build skills for the future  
Our Product Management Apprentices are responsible for researching and understanding what our customers want and suggesting changes to our product portfolio. You’ll work on a variety of products, such as our lightning-speed broadband, amazing TV and entertainment services, the latest and greatest phone launches and even our exclusive O2 priority. Responsibilities you could take on include:
- Advising on which products or services should be launched, when they should be launched and how they should be launched
- Planning tests and trials of new services and deciding whether they’re right for our consumers
- Working with technical teams to make impactful changes to existing products and services

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Compliance Engineers are the people who support internal delivery teams to ensure high standards of safe working regulations are met. As an apprentice, you will work alongside experienced Technicians in our Netex division, as well as branching out and working alone at times.  


Build skills for the future
Our apprentice Compliance Engineers are responsible for providing customers with top-quality service while ensuring compliance requirements are followed, including environmental responsibilities. You’ll ensure we are meeting requirements and identify and eliminate potential risks. Responsibilities you’ll take on include:
- Guiding the business on where partners might cause risk, such as meeting delivery requirements or Health & Safety issues
- Ensuring partners align with industry standards to mitigate risks, avoiding any penalties or fines
- Accounting for environmental risks to ensure partners are meeting environmental waste requirements

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Data is what makes our business run. It bridges the gap between thoughts and ideas, and solutions and execution. You'll exploit data to find trends and drive transformation across Virgin Media O2. We'll teach you all about how data moves throughout business and the benefits it plays. Here's some examples of what you could be doing if you join us on a Data Apprenticeship;

- Identifying new opportunities for technology and process improvements and making these recommendations to the relevant teams
- Holding technical conversations with a variety of people across the business whilst ensuring the right information is being relayed clearly
- Identifying opportunities for increasing efficiencies through automation

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As an apprentice, you’ll work in the team responsible for ensuring that all our people return home safe and sound every night. Joining us on this scheme, you’ll develop an understanding of Health and Safety within Virgin Media O2 and find effective ways to ensure our agenda is delivered throughout.  


Build skills for the future
Our Health & Safety Apprentices are critical in pushing our world-class safety culture and implementing our ‘Zero Harm’ agenda throughout the business. Zero Harm is our vision and a core commitment for our organisation. It requires all of us to play our part and work together to ensure that everyone goes home safe and well. Although you will be based within the region, you’ll travel up and down the country when needed, including overnight stays. Responsibilities you could take on include:
- Making sure we stick to our legal and ethical requirements
- Coming up with new ways to keep our customers and partners away from danger
- Delivering workshops to employees to ensure they’re aware of our safety values and provide assistance at all levels  
- Investigating accidents to figure out how we can prevent them from happening again

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Our Planning Apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for you to kickstart your career. As well as discussing our customers’ needs – by visiting their premises and arranging surveys to ensure they get what they want, when they need it – you’ll also be working closely with our internal teams, providing information that will help us do business better. With the heartfelt guidance of your mentor and other colleagues, you’ll learn how to:  

- Produce detailed, accurate and efficient plans to get our leading services out to customers  
- Put together all the required drawings and information that our contract partners need to get the job done  
- Ensure design documents are planned to specification  
- Balance multiple customer orders  
- Come up with new ways of making our customers’ lives easier  

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Our IT Apprentices keep our systems running, day in and day out. They develop, configure and maintain our platforms to ensure smooth running of our business. You'll provide advice, find new solutions and use data to recommend improvements and necessary changes. Here's some examples of what you could be doing if you join us on an IT Apprenticeship;

- Maintaining code in line with standard version control and configuration management processes
- Collaborating with wider teams to improve the integration and release processes
- Conducting investigations into information security incidents to provide recommendations for future improvements

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 Analysts are responsible for delivering success throughout our business. You'll work on some of our largest projects, start-to-end, by using standard processes and the learnings we'll teach you. Here's some examples of what you could be doing if you join us on an Analyst Apprenticeship;

- Supporting projects to ensure project plans and documentations are up-to-date
- Handling reporting cycle inputs and updates
- Collaborating with a range of teams in strategic and competitive analysis
- Investigating incidents and providing data backed resolutions

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Our network keeps thousands of communities connected to their communities. Our Network Apprenticeships will have you diving into how our network works and the things we do to keep it running seamlessly. Working on our network could see you out in the field, working with customers and expanding our network, or building new strategies and identifying improvements. Here's some examples of what you could be doing if you join us on a Network Apprenticeship;

- Working in data centres to install, manage and support our network's infrastructure
- Building traffic forecasts to understand customer growth and behaviour
- Completing site surveys to understand the jobs that need doing and how best to do them.

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